Wednesday, October 24, 2007

runnin' in the rain

I had a good run in the rain this morning. We haven't had rain forever so I'm not complaining. I liked it until it started running in my eyes and when my feet got totally wet, I started to not like it. Wet socks just don't feel good, any way you cut it.

Some things are meant to be. There is a 5K at Greenbo I was wanting to run this Saturday. Timing was an issue because of Emily's dance classes (mandatory since she is competing), but her rehearsal starts an hour early this Saturday, so Greenbo is definitely a "do" for me Saturday - rain or shine, 20 below or whatever...I'm doing it. Emily has rehearsal/classes from 8:00 AM until at least 2:00 - busy girl! She loves it though, she's a dancer in her heart. Some people are just like that.

It's a chilly rainy night and all our pets are in the house right now, which is kind of unusual. Especially Jack, he's shunned us for the last few months, but lately, has meowed to come in. I adore him, probably because he's so aloof. He lives in the barn across the ravine from our backyard. If he doesn't come home for a few days, I walk back into the woods and call him - he almost always comes if I call him. He never stays long, but he's precious to me. Chewy is asleep on my feet as I type. She is getting old and hard of hearing and doesn't see as well as she used to, I think. She will soon be 9 years old. She is incredibly smart, but I doubt she'll live another 2 years.

Soon it will be Halloween. We have pumpkins in the back of my van to carve. Erin picked a tall skinny pumpkin and Emily picked a fat round one. I suppose we'll be making jack-o-laneterns this weekend. We are going to a Halloween party tomorrow night - a skating party given by the karate studio. I'm sure it'll be fun. Jerry and I decided not to wear costumes - there's nothing I want to be and Jerry passed on being anything I could think of. Emily is Elizabeth Swann and Erin is a goth zombie. Goth is a flattering color, no?

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