Saturday, January 12, 2008

pre-mid January news

Molly has been helping me with the laundry today. Actually, we keep the catfood in a cabinet right beside this cabinet she is sitting in. She jumped into this cabinet because she thought she might find a way to get to the food. She isn't the brightest crayon in the box.

The holidays aren't officially over for me until I get all the Christmas stuff packed up and carried down to the basement and stowed away. I took my Sarah to the airport last Tuesday. It was hard to say good-bye, but it's a once in-a-life chance for her. And now!!! I'm planning my trip over to go visit her. I should have my passport within a few more weeks, and I've been looking at places I want to go see while I'm there.
Jerry and I tested for our advanced yellow belts this morning. Eight other people tested with us today, and we all passed. I'm kind of liking karate now, but starting February, the class schedule is changing, so I'm going to have to hire a driver if I'm ever going to make it to a class. I need to do that anyway since I have some business trips coming up.

I sure hope my Sarah blogs soon so I can read details about her adventures over on the Emerald Isle. I hope she has found some red-headed musicians to make music with. This picture below is interesting. The picture uses lots of pictures of rocks. The background is a flourite crystal. The face and neck are slices of polished rock (I can't remember if it's agate or onyx, or a slice of a huge geode). The mouth is a geode. The hair looks like amathyst or rose quartz crystals. The dress or shoulders - I can't tell what that is. The rose is a piece of sandstone, a formation called a sand rose...I think. Sarah made this picture...I think she either made this in highschool or perhaps a college art class of some sort.

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