Sunday, November 9, 2008

I'm back in

I wanted to blog last night but I couldn't remember my login ID or password, so I gave up. I remember now...but I have not much to say. Sarah called me and was full of happy news. I am glad she is happy.

I have been hard at work on work for my class. I'm pretty disappointed in at least one of my team-mates. I am hoping he pulls through for us tonight..if not, me and the other lady will have to cough up another 500 words each. Plus, I haven't run the thing through the plagiarism checker yet..that sometimes yields interesting results. The thing is due tomorrow night and I am always BUSY BUSY on Mondays.

I have another idea for my dissertation. I had thought about something to do with info systems used in the orchard industry...but Now....I'm thinking about IT's influence on reducing carbon footprint....I stumbled across some articles last night that were quite intrigueing.

We are going to Hawaii...believe it or not. I have to make another payment this month. The payments are not fun, but I intend to have fun in Hawaii when I go...a few days in paradise. The girls are going there for orchestra and the old man and I will go along to chaperone our kids and "what not".

Two more weeks of this class then it's time to get serious about cleaning, painting, and fixing up some stuff. I need to call and get some estimates. Never a free moment these days.

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