Tuesday, February 17, 2009


I made some time to blog tonight. It has been a few hectic weeks lately. I am dead dog tired but taking some "ME" time tonight. We had some weird weather last week - 70 degrees in February and thunderstorms... check out the rainbow!

Here's a photo of Erin and Emily and Brittany - they were soaking wet. They had been playing in the rain. I'm happy they still like to play in the rain!

I am happy tonight. I have a ton of work to do but I am taking a break from it, and going to bed soon. I turned my BIG paper in tonight. I have another to work on, and time to start next week's work. Last week of class, and then a week or more off. I will have to decide whether to wait until after the Hawaii trip to start back. I hope it works out that I don't have to take a break.
Sarah has recorded new music. I am looking forward to a finished product (what we in IT-world call a deliverable). Gimmee.

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