Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Summer is OVER (Almost)

I have not blogged in awhile - it's been a busy summer. I visited Sarah the week before she left for Ireland...AGAIN! I miss her but she is sending me lots of emails which I greatly appreciate. We had a great time - visited her horses and saw that dreadful house she plans to move into. We had lunch in Old Washington and the weather was perfectly lovely. It's amazing how much Lily and Roanan have changed and grown. Roanan is no longer reddish, but instead is a lovely white with interesting markings on his face. He was very friendly and kept nibbling on me...eventually biting me (I forgave him..I think he thought my finger was a carrot).

Jerry and I took the girls to Yatesville Lake for a picnic and a hike. Yatesville is pretty nice, but I love Cave Run more. Grayson is pretty nice too, the cliffs there are pretty...especially when the mountain laurel is blooming. These are some photos I took over there.

I should get back to reading now. My current class is Management Philosophy and I have plenty to read. Currently reading Gods of Management by Charles Handy. It's kind of interesting and not bad to least I'm not having to use a dictionary every paragraph. For that, I am greatful!

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