Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Poison ivy.  Yes, I have it again.  Thanks for that, Molly.  All I have to do is think about the damn stuff and I start to itch, so I know what it looks like and I stay clear.  Molly, on the other hand, being a stupid cat, blunders through the woods and has no cares about poison ivy or poison oak or poison anything.  Last week, she came in and jumped into my lap while I was trying to work.  She doesn’t do this because she loves me, she merely wants to be fed.  I was trying to work and ignored her.  So she rubbed her head all over me, swished that plume tail all around in my face.  I didn’t even think about poison ivy then, didn’t even enter my little pea brain.  Now I have this wretched rash all over my face and neck and arms.   It’s been over a week and it’s no better.  The last three times I got poison ivy, I had to go get a steroid shot to make it go away.  I’m about to give in and make that call...tomorrow if this crap is no better by then.    
Feed me

The girls are reading a book over the summer for their English class, entitled Things Fall Apart.  They both tell me it’s dreadful so I googled it and it’s a classic.  Good for them!  Read those classics.  It’s kind of the way I feel lately with all this poison ivy and a sprained ankle from karate class last week.  So now I’m gimpy and itchy and I just have no patience for this at all.  

We’re going on vacation soon and I’m packing up all my work to take with us because I get a break from my job (hopefully..if I get no trouble calls) but I still have a class going on and I’m determined to finish Chapter 2 at the very least before I return from vacation.  I emailed the gentlemen who developed the questionnaire I want to use to ask their permission to use it.  They still haven't replied… I’m getting all antsy about that.  I told myself I’m not drinking again until that proposal is written and submitted.  Maybe that is the real cause of all this foul mood I’ve been in lately.  Maybe I need to invest in a bottle of liquid patience.    

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