Sunday, August 21, 2011

Face disgrace

I took another picture of my face yesterday, but I don’t want to post it. It’s too depressing. I look like an alligator who’s been blasted with a shot gun…sort of. Yesterday morning was the last dose of the flesh-eating chemical/drug. This morning I took a long warm shower and washed the last traces of the nasty, greasy stuff off my face as best I could – now it feels like if I smile my whole face would crack and shatter. Tomorrow I go back to the doctor and hopefully he will say I’m through and I pray he doesn’t want to touch anything on my face because if he does, it’ll probably hurt. Don’t touch! Back off, Jack! That would be fitting because his name really is Jack.

Our puppy is quickly growing; I’m lengthening her collar about every three days. She’s getting a bit more brave and troublesome. We have to gate her off or keep doors shut where there are plants, shoes, clothes, etc. She loves to chew and never mind that she has doggie toys to chew on, she loves nothing more than to grab one of the girls’ padded bras. It’s time for her next round of shots and I fear she’s probably got worms again. I won’t gross you out with the details, but her favorite food is not the puppy chow, but nasty stuff she finds in the woods. Here’s a photo of her being sweet and about the only time she is not getting into trouble:


I took Gracie outside to “do her business” and discovered the apple tree had three squirrels in the top of it.  Two jumped to the ground and ran across the yard escaping up the maple tree.  The other held a large apple in his teeth by the stem, leapt over to the other apple tree (totally bare of apples), then over to the maple, then one more jump to the hickory.  He sat there looking down at me, then began munching his apple.  I ran for my camera and was able to grab a photo.  A few nights ago, I took Gracie out at night and heard a deer thrashing the limbs of the apple tree.  Then, thump, thump, thump of apples hitting the ground.  I assumed the deer shook all the apples out of the trees, but now I know squirrels take their fair share. 

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