Monday, August 12, 2013

failure to communicate

Probably nobody has noticed, but I haven’t added to my blog lately.  It might be that there is nothing to say, but that’s not really true.  It’s OK for the world to believe that though….in fact, I’m certain the whole world thinks, “Oh poor KYLady, your life is so average and mundane. No wonder you don’t add to your blog; you’ve nothing interesting to write about.”  I’m OK with that.

Sometimes, I just can’t think of anything at all to say or write.  People who talk a lot (such as Someone and my children) don’t understand my silence at all.  They think if I say nothing, I’m mad about something.  When I was young and had nothing to say, my grandmother accused me of being disrespectful or hiding something.  She warned me that people would think I was mentally retarded because I didn’t talk.  It turns out she was correct about that.  I had a young guy at work once tell me he thought I was stupid because I didn’t say much in meetings, but after he started working with me on a project, he discovered I was really pretty sharp.  I just smiled at him and said nothing….because I couldn’t think of anything nice to say to “hey, you’re not nearly as stupid as I thought you were.”

Really lots of things are happening lately.  Lots.  My feeble brain just can’t juggle it all.  For me, communication takes lots of energy and concentration.  Maybe it’s just more energy than I have to spare lately.  Silence is so much easier.    

It’s kind of ironic that my dissertation involves the topic of communication since I am such a poor communicator.  Even so, I managed to write a post for my blog about my inability to write a post for my blog.  That can’t be all bad.       


Sarah said...

I always notice when you don't blog :)

KYLady said...

You are sweet to say that. How do you find time to read blogs?

Sarah said...

I make time for my sweet mommy! Now lets see some kayak pictures!