Thursday, October 17, 2013


I’ve not written much lately.  I’ve been sulking.  Things aren’t so wonderful lately, and I won’t be boring anyone with details.  The issues are all mine.  It makes it all even worse given that my life is way better than 99% of the world’s population.  So if I were contortionist, I’d kick myself squarely in the back of the head and tell myself to just “SNAP OUT OF IT”.  But no….I’ll just be me until things change.

Blogs are counted as social media…but mine is anti-social.  It’s OK.  I’m not very social lately.  In my fantasy world, I paddle off in my kayak to the back of a giant lake and take up residence far from all of mankind.  I would take Gracie though….if she could sit still long enough to make it across the water without tipping us over.  I doubt that she could.  Sometimes it seems like killing the blog would be the best thing to do.  Every now and then I exterminate a post.  For now, I let it live.  No blogocide yet.
I was cooped up with Emily over the weekend, and we started watching Season 1 of The Walking Dead.  By the end of the second episode, I was completely hooked.  It’s my new favorite show now that Dexter is kaput.  It’s amazing how quickly I’ve become used to all the violence and gore…just like the characters themselves.  More people die than live, and nothing good lasts long.  It’s all very disturbing and suspenseful to watch, but the end of every episode leaves you wanting to know what will happen next.   I’m sure it can’t end well…whenever it ends.  There’s nothing like a horrible zombie apocalypse to make me appreciate my current life of luxury and relative safety. 

Someone is too busy watching football to make time for The Walking Dead.  Erin introduced me to a fun app.  I’ve been having fun with it.  In fact, it has been the best part of my day. 
I turned.
Oh no!!  Not Gracie!!

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