Sunday, June 8, 2014


The sun makes everything bright and more cheerful; I’m grateful for its rays that make plants grow, give us heat, and provide free light.  It reminds me that some things do seem to be permanent in this world, even though laws of physics inform us that all stars are temporary.  Nothing lasts forever, but I like to imagine people (Neanderthals, maybe) who looked up thousands of years ago saw the same stars I see at night.  At the same time, the sun is no friend of mine.  Not only have I had skin cancer because of it, it plays havoc with my hair.  It’s no surprise that someone of my advanced age colors her hair.  Direct sun for any length of time beaming down on colored hair changes the color.
When the weather is warm and free time is mine, there’s no place I’d rather be than outside doing something.  Golf, tennis, kayaking, swimming, hiking, and gardening are but a few of my favorite hobbies.  The thing is, I hate wearing hats - HATE, HATE, HATE wearing hats.  I’ve learned to tolerate a visor to keep the sun out of my eyes and shade my face, but a full hat is just too confining.

So, this time of year, I just color my hair every month.  It’s a lot to ask….the opportunity costs are $15 and 20 minutes.  It’s funny though, once it’s done, I feel young again.  It’s kind of like being youth-anized in the bathroom. 

At some point, I will just let myself go to hell.  It’s not time yet.  I still have hope of finding a full-time teaching job, so staying younger-looking at least until that happens is in my best interests.  The class I’m teaching this fall is full – 30 students have signed up.  Class starts in August…what an exciting prospect!!

I youth-anized myself this morning.  My hair is light brown again instead of odd-orangy-brass.  It makes me feel 20 years younger.  Perhaps it’s time to step away from the computer and tackle a big project before a game a golf this afternoon.  Someone is taking his Sunday afternoon nap, and then we’ll go play 18 if the rain holds off.  Actually though, I hope it rains.  There’s plenty to do inside, and my flowers and our garden need water.  Here are photos of two of my favorite planters.   


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