Saturday, March 21, 2015


Sarah had a gig in town last weekend which gave her a reason to stop by home.  How wonderful to see her, even if only briefly.  We had a very quick belated celebration of her birthday.  I even baked a cake (instead of buying the usual birthday cake from the bakery) to surprise her, and decorated it myself.  Alas, there was no time to light fire to candles and blow out them out, but she opened presents and took the cake with her.  It was my first attempt to decorate a cake with a nifty-thingie I bought at Hobby Lobby.  It was fun, but Emily said I got a bit carried away with the green stars.  It’s OK…it was fun.

My Christmas cactus (Schlumbergera) finally bloomed.  Take a look!  It’s the most exciting thing that’s happened with my plants in months.  I bought this little plant like three years ago, on clearance of course, because that’s when I usually acquire plants.  Finally it has rewarded me with a blossom and another bud which will hopefully be just as lovely. 

Christmas Cactus in bloom - finally!!!

Erin and Emily have been home at the same time for Spring Break.  It was not supposed to be that way, but University of Louisville rescheduled spring break so as to free up parking spaces for the basketball tournaments going on there this week.  My favorite team is playing today – University of Kentucky.  Kentucky has an awesome team this year – we finished our regular season undefeated, won the SEC tournament, and now the NCAA tournament is going on.  Go Cats!! 

We didn’t plan any spring break trips, but I did take a vacation day last Wednesday and drove the girls to Easton Mall in Columbus, Ohio.  It’s a very big shopping area – all spread out.  Most of it is not enclosed, so on a rainy day it’s not a great place to be.  Fortunately, it was sunny and fairly warm Wednesday.  I took my iPad and figured when boredom set in, I would find a place with WiFi and pass time.  As it turned out, they ran out of money in a matter of two hours and were ready to go.  I hadn’t even explored all the shopping districts by the time they texted me.  We had a late lunch before heading back home…best of all, we were out of town before the traffic got bad.

Emily and Erin - lunch at PF Chang's

This weekend, I’m preparing applications and cover letters to apply for adjunct teaching work at two universities.  It’s a lot of work to apply.  I was going to hire a service to do this for me, but decided to do a few myself to convince me that the service is worth the cost.  Already, I’m convinced.  I’m already too busy with everything else going on.  All work and no play makes me…what I already am.  Tired.  Tired of all work and no play.  And now that I’ve pissed away 30 minutes writing a blog post, it’s time to get back to work.    


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