Saturday, April 25, 2015


Emily was home alone last weekend when we got a frantic text from her.  She thought there was a huge spider in the house.  Emily, and especially Erin, are both terrified of spiders, but Emily is phobic about all bugs.  As you can see from these screenshots of our message thread, Erin had fun with the situation.

In defense of Emily’s phobia, she was just a little thing (perhaps 2 years old) when an angry hornet flew out of a bush and stung her on the backs of her legs 4 or 5 times before I was able to swat it to the ground and stomp on it.  It stung my finger and that hurt like a mother; I really pitied Emily with those big red welts on her legs (later they became bruises).  Ice and baking soda stopped the hurt, and for several days we put Benadryl Cream on the places for the terrible itch.  She recovered and the incident was forgotten. 
Even after the hornet incident, Emily showed no fear of creepy-crawlies until she was older, perhaps 5 or 6 years old.  We were on vacation and visited a large enclosed butterfly house.  It was filled with giant exotic plants, butterfly feeding stations, and the most beautiful butterflies (all sizes and colors) from around the world.  Emily had no hesitation to go inside, but once through the double-doors, she became   fearful.  I assured her all the butterflies were harmless but she stayed close to my side.  A giant blue butterfly flew near her face which caused her to scream and swat at it.  It was apparent to me that she was seriously terrified and certainly we didn’t want my kid injuring any creatures.  I grabbed her up and exited immediately, leaving Erin with Someone to enjoy the exhibit.

Emily and I sat outside.  She cried for a bit but then became her usual cheerful self again.  Erin and Someone came out eventually.  Erin tried to get her to go back in, but she refused.  Erin and I went back in while Someone sat with Emily.  Since that day, Emily has continued to be afraid of butterflies, moths, and every other bug on the planet.  I hope someday she will get over it.

We have stink bugs around this part of Kentucky.  They are supposed to stink if you squash one.  I have never smelled one that I know of.  When they come into the house, both girls are afraid of them but they won’t touch them.  So, they trap them under a bowl or glass and wait for me or Someone to get rid of them.  Some people call them shield bugs.  For some reason, my girls call them triangle bugs.  I suppose if you beheaded one, its remaining body would be a little like a triangle with rounded corners.   

Came home from work one day and found this
Halyomorpha halys

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