Friday, May 3, 2019


It’s been months.  How did so much time slide by without me having written even a single paragraph?  I wrote plenty of paragraphs, but nothing for my blog, sadly.  Life as a full-time AND part-time professor has kept me very busy.  I decided not to give up the adjunct work because that university is all-online, and my ultimate goal is to teach full time completely online.  The house has fallen to ruin again, but soon, very soon (within the next five days or so), I’ll have more time to work on it.  Today was the last day of the semester, next week is final exams. 

I like the work.  It’s a very different experience to get up early and go to work when you actually like what you do.  The hours are very short compared to working for Big Oil, and I have lots of freedom to do my job.  It’s great. 

So, old KYLady is now at a crossroads and must decide soon what to do.  I mean OLD in every sense of the word.  People my age are retiring or planning retirement.  Well, I did that already, and now I’m back to work doing work that is fun.  The university asked me if I was interested in teaching economics because they are desperate at the moment for an economics instructor.  In fact, the entire state-wide system is desperate for economics instructors.  I don’t have enough graduate hours to teach it, so it was suggested that if I return to college for some classes...there would be plenty of work for me. 

To make the long story shorter, I hunted around for cheap classes and found the perfect program for me – a graduate certification program (fewer hours than a master degree) in applied economics for somebody who wants to teach economics at university level in an accredited program.  That’s me.  I called about it, and they waived the application fee.  I requested that they waive the requirement for a GRE score...they did.  Today, they notified me that I am in and will receive my class schedule for fall semester.  I am expected to sign a commitment contract to get the cheapest tuition.  I believe they will have me take two classes for three semesters – 18 credit hours.  I only need 15, but if the classes aren’t too nasty, I’d most likely do all 18.  Lord, I have not had any economics since 1984 or so...that’s how old OLD KYLADY is.  Old KyLady is a bit worried that she may not be able to hack it.  It’s hard to remember stuff when you get old like me. 

So anyway, I have to decide whether or not I really want to go for it.  The go-get side of me says YES, but the lazy side of me (which is definitely the bigger side) says HELL NO.  Should I start without complete commitment?  Thinking back to when I started the doctorate, I was not committed at the beginning.  In fact, with every big decision I’ve ever intentionally made, I was not fully committed.  Maybe that’s just how all things are with me.  I don’t like to take risks.

On a more positive note, spring is here, and it’s glorious!  I’ve been picking violets in the yard.  I worked a tree give away event to celebrate Arbor Day, and brought home two redbud trees to plant.  I will plant these in the backyard as soon as the ground dries out a bit – we’ve had lots of rain lately.  I did get some cabbage and Brussels sprouts planted in the garden.  I have seeds and rose bushes on order.  It’s time to scrub down the back porch and set my houseplants out for fresh air – they will be so happy to get outside.  I will be happy for them...they crowd our kitchen terribly.

My beloved violets
Coming soon to my backyard - redbud trees

Graduation is soon at my college.  Tomorrow, I’ll dig out my graduation regalia from the back of the closet and see if the moths ate it...or if it needs to be cleaned.  I haven't had it on since my own graduation 2013?  It will be exciting to put it on again.   

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