Tuesday, August 14, 2007

The Summer JUST can't be over!!!

Where has the month gone? School started yesterday and it seems like it's as good as over now. We'll have frost on the grass before you know it, but no, I'm not even going to think about that! We visited Dad in Indiana earlier this month. We only had one day at the lake but we made the most of it. Brittany went with us and the kids tubed all day, Dad doing his part to keep the oil companies in the black (hmmmm...I think profits are black......in the red means you're losing money, right?) Jerry and I had to try out the tube a bit as well. It was a blast but all that bouncing around is killer on us old folks. If we'd had more time, I would skied a bit, just to see if I could still get up.The swans on Tippicanoe were just as lovely as ever. They are magnificent birds!

Last weekend, we just stayed home, or I should say, we didn't go out of town. Jerry and I got a round in at Sandy Creek and it was a perfect day for that - sunny and high 80's, the air was as clear as it gets around here. Let's see, I shot an 83 (41 and 42), had a couple of great drives (for me, anyway), birdied #13, lost 2 balls total but found 4, should have birdied #5, but didn't, choked on a 4 foot putt. I had a couple of awesome approach shots. We still need to use our raincheck at Shawnee...I hope we can get back there before the month is over.

One more thing we have to do before we give up on summer - go camping. I'm hoping we can fit that in this coming weekend if the weather cooperates. The girls have been begging me to go all summer. Last weekend would have been ideal but I was not wanting to go anywhere. I'll have to make a reservation tomorrow if we're going to go for it. I'll have to check the extended forecast and make a decision (and start collecting paraphenalia...seems like there's so much stuff we need to take for even a night or two). I think we'll try Grayson since it's so handy, but Cave Run would be an awesome adventure. I love Cave Run.

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