Saturday, July 28, 2007

the party's over :-(

Vacation is over....back to reality. It has been nice having a few days home before going back to work. The trip home was extra long thanks to a wreck on I-77 which closed north and south lanes. It must have been bad because we saw helicopters, two ambulances, firetrucks, and a hazmat truck. We were in a construction zone and there were concrete barracades blocking us, not to mention all the trucks. We parked on the interstate for over an hour and a half. Finally, state patrolmen started having people back up to the previous exit and gave us detour instructions. Unfortunately, their instructions caused 421 to back up really bad. We didn't take the exit they recommended since it looked to me like we might be waiting to get onto the exit for at least an hour. Since I had an atlas handy, I decided to go another 12 miles up the road and catch another route. It was pretty smooth sailing except we did have a wait on that road where they were working on a bridge, and had only one lane open. We finally made it home around 11:30, rather than 9:00, which was the goal.

I can't show off any vacations pics because I still can't find my camera cable. I did a lot of running and I think I'm ready to try a 10K now. I know I can do a 5K pretty easily, no matter how hilly. The 10K will be an effort, but I think I can make long as there aren't any really big uphills.

We saw Sarah at the Fiddler's Convention in Morehead. She was awesome, and she had Jesse and Matt playing with her. The storm was a major destraction and the fact that tent posts were falling around us and at one point I thought the whole tent top might rip and blow off. Sarah was a bit unnerved too because at one point, she stopped singing and just looked up like "what the??". I promised her I would come back today but I think I've convinced myself to stay here and get some work done. The place is a wreck and I have SO much I'd like to get done before Monday. It looks like the weather is clearing here so hopefully it will be a pleasant night in Morehead tonight.

Jerry made it home from the beach early this afternoon and he unloaded his car and has gone to bed for awhile. A nap sounds tempting. I got up early today and got in a good run. Also went to the farmer's market which is fun. I bought lots of stuff because the deer have been munching on our garden all summer and we don't have much. Old Chewy isn't keeping the deer out like she used to, I think she doesn't hear them anymore. I know she doesn't see as well as she used to.

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