Saturday, December 22, 2007

Long weekend

Long weekends - my favorite kind. I took yesterday, Friday, off work and I won' be going back there until next Wednesday with any luck at all. I wrapped nearly all the Christmas presents in the house, and did some errands. I always overestimate how much I'm going to get done, and yesterday was no different. Even so, it was a good day to have off. Heck, everyday is a good day to have off.

Today, I must run Emily to her dance class/rehearsal here in a short time. Then, when I come back, I am ready to launch into holiday BAKING. I have big plans (again) - chocolate chip cookies for my brothers, oatmeal raisin for my grandfather, and oatmeal butterscotch for the Jerry. f course, the girls will be eating their fair share I'm sure. I have also bought stuff to make cream candy, so I am hoping to attempt a few batches of that as well. Then again, I'd love to go see Sweeny Todd today, but that might be an evening thing.

I really need to make time to load stuff on my new ipod. I still have a $25 iTunes card to use and I haven't begun to get through all the music Terry gave me. Not only that, I have 4 CD's waiting for me to rip. Here is a portrait of my little lovelies.
I got up at 4:50 this morning because I wanted to run. I was still too wiped out from last night, so I went back to bed until about 5:30. Then I got up and was on the road about 5:45. I haven't had a run in over a week now and the first mile about killed me, but then it all came back and I finished a 6.5 mile run in about an hour. Not bad. It was really nice out, no wind and maybe about 40 degrees. I smelled lots of wood burning, people must be burning in their fireplaces. I would love to have a fire in ours. I suppose I should bite the bullet and just open up the damper this morning and let the chimney start warming up. I hate to have all the heat sucked out of the house, but the last two attempts at a fire resulted in the family room full of smoke. It could be that the chimney just doesn't draw good enough, but more likely, I don't let it warm up enough before I light off the fire. The previous owners of this house used the fireplace, for sure. Perhaps I should buy an insert this spring, then I can have a fire without worrying about wasting so much electricity.

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