Thursday, December 6, 2007

Black and White

I stayed up and played piano last night until nearly 2 AM. I think I would have sat there all night if not for knowing I had to get up and go to work the next morning. There at the bench in the wee hours of the morning, I had an epiphany. Sometimes, things are so random and yet so perfectly in order. I went to the gym last night and I wore pants that are black with white stripes down the sides of the legs. I didn't change when I got back home, just launched into chores and when I finally got time, I sat down at my piano. Sweet Jack had come in and he curled up on my lap, which is very unusual for him, he's not a lap cat so he must have just been cold. Anyway, I was playing and I realized Jack matched my pants - black and white cat on black and white pants. I then looked back at the piano keys - more black and white. Then I looked back at the music, black notes on white paper. Then, as if that weren't enough, my eyes traveled up to the picture hanging over the piano - my favorite Nancy Noel "Sarah" - Amish girl dressed in black holding a white cat. All this black and white in one place at one time, just like it was meant to be that way. For some reason, I got an idea about what I should do with myself. I think I want to go back to school and study music, and become a REAL music teacher. I have thought about becoming a teacher, but when I checked into it, I thought that if I did that, I would need to teach business, technology, math, or English to middle school or high school. That's what I could do quickest. BUT, if I could teach music, then that's something I myself could be interested in doing. I could be interested in teaching science too, but there's a lot I could do with music. The thing is, do I have to be a good musician to teach music? I will need to find that out before I put a plan together.

I have lots to do today - lots of errands to run. Our router bit the dust so I need to go buy a new one and install it sometime this weekend. I must go try to find bow resin. I need to deposit a check for Sarah (but first I have to FIND the check), and I need to pick up Emily's proofs. I can't wait to see them. These are photos for the Junior Miss Dance competition and ABT auditions next summer.

I am taking tomorrow off work to Christmas shop. I'm going to try to do it ALL in ONE day. Will that be possible? It has never worked out before, but I have been making a list so maybe I can get a lot done. This weekend we are putting up the tree and lights outside - do or die.

Here is a photo of the girls I took before their little piano recital out at Greenbo last weekend. The lodge was decorated for Christmas and the fireplace had a huge fire - it was very nice.

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Sarah Wood said...

That sounds like a wonderful idea mommikins. I think you'd be a good music teacher, you have to get one of those canes to beat the kids' fingers with when they mess up : -)