Thursday, April 23, 2009

Workin'...or not

I should be workin'...but instead I'm bloggin'. It's one final big paper and a team project to boot. So far, 2/3 of the team is accounted for in "our" efforts. Along with that, I have to do 5 more posts. Then its' another one down for a total of 13 hours complete, 49 to go.

Hmmmm....I hope Sarah is having a good weekend. She is at MerleFest with the Clack Mountain people and I bet she's singing some pretty hill music and making that banjo sound happy. I hope she gets to play with some fine people, and if she could get Ricky Scaggs' autograph for me, all the better.

Well..I think I'm gonna play my guitar a bit and get back to work.

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