Saturday, March 28, 2009

The Pleiades

I went for a run tonight and the sky was spectacular. The air was clear as was the sky. I scanned the sky and saw three stars of Orion's sword. That's as clear as it gets in this valley. The Pleiades always makes me happy....they are named for 9 sisters in Greek mythology. I don't remember the story so I will have to research it, but I bet it is something like a God (maybe Zues) who casts them into the heavens to protect them from something, or perhaps to keep something in jealousy.

I am writing a paper today(and tomorow...but hopefully no later than Monday evening). I have chosen Michel Foucault, my postmodern philosopher of choice. I like his thinking. I don't always agree with it, but I think he and I have some similar interests (and no, I'm not gay.) I have come to realize that a huge majority of these postmodern philosophers are French. Maybe I've missed something but why is this true? this just what I perceive to be true because of the literature I have read so far?

I'm fighting a demon tonight so I best wrap up this post and get back to work. I am leaving for Hawaii in 2 days and I am NOT READY. Tomorrow I will do laundry and get "stuff" for traveling. I'm still trying to confirm our housesitting arrangements for our animals. For now, it's back to Dr. Foucault and all about his ideas on the relationship of knowledge and power....not so much how knowledge gives one power, but how knowledge takes away power.

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