Saturday, May 9, 2009


Sarah graduated today - Bachelor of Arts in Spanish. I think I am happier for her than she is for herself in her achievement. I think one day she will see that this was a big deal after all. I felt a pang of regret that I didn't go through graduation the last time. Thinking about that today while a thousand names were being called, I remember that I had no desire to hire a sitter, drive to Morehead, and graduate with nobody I knew while nobody I knew watched. I got that degree and really only did it because it gave me a reason to get out of the house at night and Ashland Inc. was paying for it. It's good that I only had 9 hours to go when Sarah was born, or I might have dropped out.

Sarah's dad's parents hosted a party for her after graduation at Park Lake. I had forgotten how beautiful the landscape is in that part of Kentucky. Park Lake is what I wish heaven could be like. Indian Creek is one of my favorite places, and the Licking River Valley is breathtaking. It was wonderful to have a chance to visit the Wood family again.

Emily and Erin watched their sister graduate. Another thing I thought about today is that the next graduation I attend might be mine. :-)

I took some pictures of my beautiful apple trees. I was none too impressed with our two apple trees until last year. Our apple crop was outstanding last year. I had cut the trees back winter before last and that must have impacted production.

So, the first reading week of my class is nearly over and tomorrow I must read all day to make up for NOT reading today. I was gone all day and then Erin and Emily had their spring orchestra concert. It was quite good, I enjoyed it. Anyway, I have no pictures and I regret that. I could have taken my video camera but they always sound bad when I record them...but maybe I could have taken better pictures. My camera doesn't do dim light situations at all unless you are in flash range.
I've blown off the day so now that I've blogged, I'm going to play around with my guitar a bit. Then...I must hit the hay because I need to read 11 chapters tomorrow. I am getting a bit concerned with what I'm reading. I think I understand dependent and indepentent variables, but when I'm trying to figure out moderating, intervening, and extraneous's pretty confusing to me. I obviously don't grasp what the nature of these variables. Maybe tomorrow's reading will enlighten me.

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