Monday, May 25, 2009

special gifts

I've had some special gifts lately. I am a lucky woman lately. The first gift I will mention is something I have been wanting for well over 15 years. Sarah gave me two splendid Chinese chestnut trees. Now my delimma...where to plant these beauties. They get big and fat (60 feet in diameter) and you have to plant two so they can cross-pollinate or there will never be nuts. They are messy trees. Chestnut hulls are prickly and large. Still, I am certain that squirrels would like chestnuts. Would rabbits and deer eat them? I wonder if Chewy would eat them? I don't want them to shade our little shrinking garden space. I picked a bouquet of dianthus from my little flower-bed in front of the garden. We reduced our garden by 1/3 last year because our trees are shading it too much. The hickory and tulip trees are still growing apparently. Anyway, I might ask Mr. Berry what he thinks about me planting them right on our property line. He usually doesn't cut to the line and if Someone cuts around them (and we clean up the mess), he will be agreeable. Someone and I talked about buying some of the side yard from him so we can expand our garden. My only other option is to cut down the dying maple on the south end and put them there. My concern is that the drainage may not be good enough. It is still rather damp back there, even though we had drain lines installed. The maple is dying because it's been wet too long. Sometimes I think we should turn that back corner into a pond. It would be very easy to do. Mr. Berry says our whole yard was part of a lake at one time.

OK, I'm rambling. The other gift was a chance to play 9 holes at Sandy Creek tonight. WOW. That was fun! Nobody behind us and only a single man playing a hole ahead..sometimes he got two holes ahead. I had a lot of fun, I was playing pretty well for me. I had some excellent drives, a very sweet 3-wood shot, and a couple of remarkable putts. I had a few decent chip shots too. My chipping has really gone to heck over the years. I really miss playing golf. I'm going to try to get out more, even though I have less time these days :-(Someone kept nagging me to get out and go, and I'm so glad he did. I finally gave in and had a blast. I played from the reds today and we played the front 9 at Sandy Creek. I shot bogie, par, par, bogie, bogie, bogie, par, double bogie, par. The front nine is tighter than the back 9, but the back 9 is longer. I'm not sure which I like best....I can score well on either one. Today, I was OK with my score. It was my first time out in over 8 months. I have been going to the driving range some, but it's not the same.

Also working on my papers this holiday weekend. I wrote about a problem area that I am interested in for my dissertation. I still need to add at least 280 more words to it. It makes me wonder if this is REALLY the topic I can be so interested in. I'm still thinking I'm interested in in the orchard industry in some way. I am writing about..basically, the lack of knowledge sharing in organizations and the loss of business information because it is not valued enough to be captured. If it were captured, it is more likely to be shared and used, right? Is that just my assumption and there is no validity to it? I could design a study "somehow..." to prove it. That would be my area to study. I think I am best suited for a quantitative study. Or perhaps a case study...I am not sure.

Other gifts today???? Many more, but I have written enough for now.

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