Thursday, September 19, 2013


Some people say that three is a charmed number.  Some say that bad things come in threes. 

I do hope the run of bad luck ends at three.  Last month, my laptop croaked and I had to buy a new one.  It was no more than ordered when the transmission and some other parts went bad on my van.  And now… this week???  Our refrigerator, the most expensive appliance in the house (other than heating/air conditioning) has gone out on strike.  It’s damned unhandy having no refrigeration, and finding a new fridge will be no easy task in our small town.  It may be weeks before we can have one shipped in and installed.    

I used to be very uptight about money and my budget.  What a lucky woman I am now, a person who can pay the bills, cough up extra thousands when things break, and still make plans for going places and doing fun things.  As much as I hate my job, I’m grateful to have it.  Life was not always so easy.

Back in the days when I first left home and went off to college, money was very, VERY tight.  I grew up with grandparents who had lived through a great depression, and who lived during the world war when many things were rationed.  We didn’t have a lot, but we never went hungry or without things we really needed.  It was good that I was brought up that way; it made me willing to make do with less.  It made me think going without things was normal.  Well, it is normal for most people.

So maybe three big expenditures will be the end of my bad luck for a while. But maybe it wasn’t bad luck at all.  Everything that broke can be replaced or repaired.  Maybe it was good luck after all.             

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