Sunday, January 5, 2014

canine morality

I went on a run to the grocery store…again…seems like we go so often, only because teen girls always “need” something.  I would and should go without them because to have either one of them go with me results in increased spending.  To have both with me simultaneously increases the grocery tab exponentially.  Nevertheless, both “needed” items that I didn't want to hunt for, so they both came along with me today.

So, it’s a wondrous thing to listen to teenage girls talk.  The variety of topics is astounding and sometimes entertaining.  The conversation today in the car went something like this…

Emily:  Gracie [our dog] is such a slut.  She’s all over C [Emily’s boyfriend] every time he walks in.

Erin:  That’s redonks (sic).  Maybe she just smells his dog on him.  Maybe she’s really gay.  We had her spayed, so now she’s for sure gay.

Emily:  Spaying doesn't make her gay.  Women who get hysterectomies don’t become gay, but it’s too bad we didn't wait to find out if she was gay before we had her spayed, because then we could have just saved the money.

Erin:  Duh, Emily.  What about rape?  Gracie could have been raped by Kyle [neighbor’s dog] or some other dog.

Emily:  Well, Gracie’s such a slut, she’d probably be having three-ways with Kyle and Cal [other neighbor dog].  We wouldn't know who the puppies belonged to. 

Let me assure the multitudes who read my blog,  Miss Gracie is most definitely not a promiscuous dog. Obviously Emily has no regard for her morality, but Gracie is not "that kind" of dog.  

good dog


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