Wednesday, January 8, 2014

turning the page

Birth – 2 years = unknown chaos

2 years – 18 years = dark ages

College years = free at last, party time

Career launch/marriage = pseudo adulthood…bad decisions, hard work, insanity

Baby/divorce = variable sunshine with severe thunderstorms

Marriage/twins = feet to the fire

Doctorate = life holocaust

Post-doctorate – rising from the ashes

The next chapter is starting to unfold.  The empty nest is coming in August.  Retirement and career change are in the works (dates unknown).  I want to believe things will be fabulous.  It just can’t be that after all that has happened, my life is meant to circle the drain and disappear unceremoniously.  Maybe it can be, but I won’t consider it.

How does a person ever make sense of it all?  It seems as though I’ve blundered through life with no cares and no plans for the future, but that is not true.   The truth is…I never expected to see the future.   My focus was on today, mostly.       

My life has given me two surprises.  One is that I’m still alive after all these years.  I never expected to live this long.  The other is that all my children are so amazing and talented.  How is it that an average, nobody sort of person can have children like mine?  My grandmother used to say that acorns don’t fall far from the tree, but she was wrong in this case.  The mighty oak may have dropped her acorns down around her roots, but something else grew up from them - something better and much more exotic.  It is good, and I am grateful.  



Linda Twaddle said...

Wonderful, caring and loving parents produce wonderful children. Don't think otherwise. Your girls might be different to you, maybe you think they are a bit better but they are half yours and if they are good then there is no escaping the gene pool that is part of you.

So, soon it will be just you and Someone hanging around each other - a lot more than usual!

KYLady said...

Thanks, Linda. When my husband and I are less involved in our kids’ lives, we’ll be playing more golf and tennis. I’ll be getting my kayak out more often, for sure!! Things should be less hectic (hopefully).