Friday, February 14, 2014

weather control

Well, it looks like another snow is on its way.  Winter has worn out its welcome.  Enough already!! Sometime tonight, Mother Nature will come through and dump another load on our valley.  We will wake up to the beautiful magic that is fresh snow on the trees and bushes,  but then, all that pristine wonder disintegrates into reality as soon as you need to drive somewhere.  I have places to go, and my plans will not be thwarted by snow or ice!!!  Or else.  What?  Nothing.  I can’t control the weather *sigh*  

Little Jack is improving….I think.  Those gruesome stitches come out on Tuesday, and I’m hoping he has time to recover and get back to normal before the dreaded thing comes back, or something worse shows up.  He is moving around a little bit more, eating more, and trying to dig a hole through the carpet in front of the gate, unfortunately.

Thank heavens none of my kids were ever injured badly or got anything worse than the flu.  I’m not a good nurse – I really hate being around sick people.  But when it’s my kid, it’s different.  For me, that mother-thing always kicks in and I am willing to do anything to help my offspring feel better.  Over the years with three healthy kids, I’ve had plenty of practice playing nurse.  I can’t imagine what it is like for mothers of huge families – like the Duggars or Octomom.

Nursing is a great field for those who like to do that kind of work.  My grandmother always encouraged me to consider nursing as a career because there were always jobs for them.  Now there are more jobs than ever for nurses. So, if I had it to do all over again?  DEFINITELY NOT!!  I don’t have the patience or the personality to deal with sick people.  

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