Friday, March 7, 2014

wheels of change are turning

Life has been busy these past weeks.  Basketball season is over, and so is cheerleading.  There are no more high school games to watch (like ever more since my girls are graduating in a few months).  It’s kind of sad for me; I like watching the games.  And yes, we only live a few miles from the high school and I could always check the schedule next year and go to a game, but I won’t.

Our Jack went back to the vet today.  They took out all but two of his sutures – he’s really looking much better (and he should be – he had that surgery like five weeks ago).  On Monday, I can take the cone off his head.  He will be free to run, which means the gates that keep him imprisoned and isolated in our living room will be removed.  The vet expects him to lick and chew those last stitches out.  Life gets back to normal for him and us, at least until the cancer comes back.  Gracie has missed romping with him terribly. 

The biggest news of all is…(imagine a drumroll here)…I had a job interview today (and here’s where you hear the spirited and triumphant Hallelujah Chorus).  I took the whole day off work for the occasion, because I didn’t want to risk getting held up at work beforehand and being late.  I haven’t had a job interview in 30 years, but it was like riding a bike (something held tacitly in memory).  I rocked it (well, at least I think so).  Two people sat with me and we talked for almost 90 minutes.  Now some paperwork to do, and I have to become certified in Blackboard, the platform they use to deliver courses online.  That doesn’t take long.  YES folks, ONLINE, an online adjunct position which is exactly what I was hoping for.  I thought they wanted me to teach face-to-face, and I was willing to do it so that I can have teaching experience on my resume, but this is my dream come true.  They asked if I could start fall term.  DUH – YES!!!  PLEASE!!!!!!

So life is good right now.  I got to see Sarah one evening last week, and she gave Emily and me a tour of the beautiful new facility where she teaches traditional music.  I also got to have dinner with a delightful friend visiting here on business from Houston.  He is a native of Scotland and still has a strong accent, but it’s altered with a Texan twang…very intriguing to listen to.  Last week’s snow has nearly melted off.  Tomorrow is supposed to be almost 60 degrees – kayakable if the lake has thawed.  Doubtful that has happened.  Perhaps Someone and I will go hiking tomorrow and check it out.  

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