Saturday, July 5, 2014

breaking up is hard to do

I’ve procrastinated long enough.  It’s time now to get totally serious about getting my online classroom up and ready to go.  The department head wants to review it by mid-month since I’m new and have had minimal training.  It’s good – I welcome the review.  Lord knows the last thing I want is to start out wrong and make a bad first impression with my students.  While I’m writing this post for my blog, I am uploading a sample shell into a test course.  When done, I’ll tweak to look the way I think it should look, export it, then import it into a production course environment.  Test to production – that’s always best practice.
It’s a holiday weekend – Friday, Saturday, Sunday.  Tomorrow is the last day, sadly.  The weekend has been divine, really.  Perfect weather, lots of reading in the hammock, sleeping in late, and messing around in the garden.  Someone and I played golf this evening.  The only thing missing this weekend is time with my kayak.  Lakes are terribly crowded over holidays and I stayed away, but maybe tomorrow morning I could be brave and put my kayak in on a small river – perhaps the Little Sandy.  It would have to be early – before the idiots on their jet skis get out.

Emily broke up with her boyfriend last week.  It makes me a bit sad because I have come to like him.  I confess, for the first months, I never knew what she saw in him.  But it has been more than a year now.  I know him better and have learned his good qualities.  Still, he is the first and only boy Emily has ever dated more than casually.  With any teenagers, we expect their love relationships to eventually disintegrate for one reason or another.  Better to do that than to get all serious in love and then something dire happen…like pregnancy.  With girls, that’s always a concern.  The boy is taking it hard and even sent her the most beautiful bouquet of roses to try and win her back.  Emily was untouched by his gift.  She said, “Yes pretty, I thanked him, but he can’t buy me back.”  I think I could be persuaded with flowers as beautiful as these to at least give him another chance.

beautiful !!!

Someone used to send me a dozen red roses for every occasion – Valentine’s Day, our wedding  anniversary, the anniversary of the day we first met, and my birthday.  Yes, they were nice, but I finally told him it was too expensive to keep doing that year after year.  He hasn’t sent flowers now in at least 15 years, which is OK.  But still, when I saw those flowers from Emily’s ex-boy, I was a bit sorry I encouraged Someone to stop.  Maybe if he had surprised me with something different (not always red roses), it would have been better.

Speaking of flowers, perhaps tomorrow I'll visit the greenhouse.  It's late in the season and all their annuals should be reduced.  There's a big bare spot in our garden and wouldn't it be lovely to plant some flowers for cutting right there?  I do hope they have some zinnias and snapdragons left over.   Perhaps some verbena would be nice too.

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