Friday, July 25, 2014

Silent Sunlight

Truly, today ranks among my top all-time best Fridays.  It was a beautiful sunny day, and not too hot like it sometimes gets in late July.  Believe it or not, I even worked today.  I walked into my (still) new (to me) office to see the sun streaming through the window, drenching my plants with its loving rays. The day was quiet, which is just so much more pleasant than the unending chaos of cubicle-world.  All nine of us in our IT group have moved back and settled in.  We are not really a department there, but more of a collection of IT people who all work with different areas of the company doing very different things.

Silent sunlight welcome in.  There is work I must now begin.

I got four new tires on my van, and had an alignment done.  When I picked up my mom-mobile at lunch and drove away, it was like a new ride.  I hit too many pot holes this spring.  The hard winter took a heavy toll on our roads.
For the whole afternoon, I backward-calculated an algorithm on a dataset in a spreadsheet.  It was actually kind of fun…like working a puzzle.  It took up most of my afternoon, but it was entertaining and also valuable work for my client.  Three hours to massage the numbers and create a script…a good afternoon of work with few interruptions.  Next week, I’ll run it in test and see what happens.  I will finish in five hours what it would take my client 80 hours to do using a less-procedural/less-automated method.

After work, I zipped home, loaded my kayak, and dashed off to the lake.  The marina was crowded, but the beauty of the lake was enough positive to offset the negative (i.e. crowd).  My eyes witnessed all the natural beauty of the area and the reflection of it in the liquid mirror of lake.  The setting sun made a sparkling, intense hot orange ribbon across the water.  It was too hot, so much so that I stayed in the shadows of the hills until it finally set.

Then home.  Laundry started, animals fed, Gracie Training Time, a cup of tea, and now some down time.

Learning to be good

Gracie Training Time (GTT on my schedule), is my effort to rehabilitate our energetic dog who has been spoiled rotten by Someone who insists dogs be in charge when they are walked.  Just NO!!  That’s not working for me and Gracie will not be going on any more long walks with me until she relearns her manners.  I watched many YouTube videos on how to get a dog to walk on a leash.  Today is only day three, but she has improved noticeably since Day 1.

Tomorrow I'm going to a music festival in Morehead.  Sarah will be making music there and taking wet-plate photographs.  I hope the weather is as pretty tomorrow as it was today.  I hope a lot of things.  

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