Saturday, January 3, 2015

hiems desperatio?

Happy New Year, World.  It seems rather trite and even futile to hope that things will be better in 2015 than they were in 2014.  With all the crime, terrorism, and human evilness that have become so routine, not to mention natural disasters and man-made disasters, all we can really do is hope and pray that we and our loved ones get to continue on relatively unscathed by all the uncontrollable chaos that goes on around us.

Christmas came and went.  No, there was no cream candy made.  No, nobody got a Christmas card from me unless I was also mailing a gift card with it.  No, I haven’t taken down any decorations yet.  No, nothing is ready for the two classes I start teaching in about 10 days.  Motivation did not happen.  I’ve been a slug in all aspects of my life lately. 

KYLady (AKA mollusca gastropoda soleolifera testacellidae)

On a happier note, there is good news about my cancerous face (mentioned most recently here).  The doctor took a quick look and declared it to be pre-cancer.  She froze it which was a bit scary but didn’t hurt.  It made an ugly blister immediately.  The nasty scab dropped off on the 11th day after she did the job.  There’s still a red spot that hopefully will fade, but it feels smooth.  With any luck, that took care of it and nothing will come back.

Christmas was lovely.  Sarah came home Christmas Eve evening and spent the night with us.  We opened presents together Christmas morning and visited until she had to drive back and I had to start making food to take to Someone’s family’s dinner.  It was a nice holiday, but once the New Year holiday is over, it’s very dreary to think there are no more holidays for me until Easter…my company gives us Good Friday off, but that’s about three long months away.  As much as I hate winter, I’ve no desire to move to a place where there isn’t winter.  Spring and fall are wonderful.  Winter is OK if there are mildish days mixed in and the sun shines on weekends.  We used to have very mild winters here in the Ohio River Valley, but the last two have been ferocious.

Winter window

Most people saved vacation for the weeks around Christmas and New Year Day.  Not me.  I burned up most of my vacation this year doing college visits with the girls, going to Emily’s basketball games and Erin’s tennis matches, and attending training for my teaching job.  No regrets.  It’s kind of nice being at work when nobody else is around and all is quiet.

So now, it’s time to put the blog away and get serious about getting my classrooms built.  There’s no time left for procrastination.  Today is the day it gets done.  Do or die.  

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