Wednesday, March 28, 2007


I am sleepy today. I stayed up late ripping songs for my beloved iPod. I love it, all my favorite music moved off the CD's and all packed together in one little device. I've got 90+ songs on it now, and I haven't even bought anything new yet...but I have been making a list of stuff to acquire one of these days. Sure wish I could find my Nitty Gritty CD's....little girls........ok, I won't go there again. Anyway, it wasn't the little girls this time...Sarah.

Erin wants to go to the mall tonight to look for denim capri pants. She wants to wear them to school Friday for some stupid gym class thing - kids were grouped for a dance assignment and Erin's group dances Friday. Do we really need a "costume" for a 60 second dance? Oh well, she thinks she's too fat to wear shorts this summer so she'll be wearing them a lot anyway, I imagine.

The girls want to go camping next week. We'll have to see what the weather looks like and if I can take any time off work. I love camping, but I don't like to be cold and I don't like camping in the rain.

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Sarah Wood said...

I think you look beautiful in those pictures, you're just as twisted as Erin is about your looks! I'm coming home this weekend, I'll look for your CDs. That shawl will be even prettier once it's blocked, you just wait!