Monday, April 2, 2007

severe spring fever

I came back to the office after running some errands (children) and decided I just had to get out and get a healthy dose of spring in my lungs. Oh my gosh! I could have stayed out all afternoon, I wanted to strip my clothes off and roll in the grass and dandelions. The highlight of my walk was the hawk. I could hear him somewhere in the tree tops but I couldn't see him. Then, finally, he screeched over my head and there he was, way up high. Soaring on the wind, I never saw him flap his wings once, even though I watched him for several minutes. He must get plenty of loft with those big wings. I have never seen any bird so fine as that one. I do hope he can survive with so little fee land left around here.

Which reminds me, I need to call about that acreage at Grayson. I don't really want to go into debt like that but that's the only way I can acquire my dream. I'm also sure that 35 acreas is not enough to get out where I can't hear cars and sirens, but that depends on what's around the area, where-ever that property is.

My Sarah is singing tonight and I know she will be awesome. I wish I could hear her, but she knows I will be thinking about her. I hope she feels better soon, I'm so sorry she is sick.

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