Thursday, November 22, 2007

Thanksgiving, moon, oak leaves, etc.

A miscellaneous mish-mash of stuff here. Today is Thanksgiving, a 4-day holiday, I am thankful for. The old man and I ran the Russell Turkey Trot this morning. It's sort of an untimed free-for-all type race, you can run or walk, 5K or 10K or whatever, entry fee is food. I'm guessing 50 people showed up. I intended to run 10K but the wind got the best of me. It was warm and I didn't wear a hat or anything, after the first two miles, I had a killer headache from the wind and decided to just do the 5K. It was a lovely route though, all along the river, lots of pretty view (other than the sewage treatment facility in Worthington..or maybe that was Russell...I'm not really sure where Russell ends and Worthington begins).

I was driving south on 23 tonight (back from South Portsmouth) and the moon was lovely. There were patchy clouds but this thick bank of clouds which finally covered the moon completely. Here's what doesn't make much sense to me. If I'm on the Ohio side of the river, the highway that follows the river is 52 East/West. If I'm on the KY side of the river, it's called 23 North/South. It must be the overall direction the highway goes from start point to end point, but when I'm driving from South Portsmouth to Flatwoods, I feel more like I'm heading East than I'm heading South. I guess it's good I have a road to follow so I don't get lost.

About oak leaves, OK, I was taking a walk Friday and the oak leaves were raining down all around me. It must have been oak leaf drop day. Jerry's dad has an oak tree in his yard that has the most gigantic oak leaves I've ever seen in my life - like 15 to 18 inches long. He had a book on trees and we were comparing to pictures and descriptions in the book. We think we have the right acorns from that tree (but it's hard to say because there are so many oak trees there together), but we think it's a black oak with unusually large leaves.

Not much else to blog about. I have no pictures to post right now. Tomorrow, I'm cooking a turkey, I promised Someone I'd bake him a pecan pie, and maybe Sarah and I will go ride horses. I have a bit of a headcold so I'm not sure I want to be out all day. I don't want to go shopping but I realized today that Emily needs special panties to wear with her Arabian costume Sunday - I have no choice but to shop at least by Saturday. Fortunately, it doesn't look like they've planned a dress rehearsal. I hate shopping this time of the year. Emily is dancing at the Festival of Trees Sunday, so we'll be attending Sunday (to look at the beautiful trees and the beautiful dancers). The Arabian is the dance from the Nutcracker, which is one of my most favorite Tchaikovsky pieces of music. Hmmm...maybe I should buy an oboe some day.

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