Monday, November 26, 2007

Happy Birthday to me

So I had a big one this year, and I survived. It was worth it though, I got some good gifts. Sarah gave me an unusual mug which she made herself - it has kitty cats of all sizes on it, I love it of course. Also some "other items" in the mug, which I will only "mention", and not comment on. I was rather shocked to receive such a gift, but it's coming from Sarah, and I have learned over the years that my Sarah is an unusually thoughtful person.

I am the proud owner of an 80 gig iPod now. I haven't even connected it to a PC yet, so it is still a virgin iPod. I haven't decided what to name it yet, or what I want to do exactly with it. My little 4 gig nano who is nearly max'd out, I just love it and I will keep near and dear to run with me and carry to the gym. My running playlist is only like 160 songs though, and the nano has about 750 songs total. I sync it to two playlists. I think I'll build a new playlist that is a merged version of the other two, and sync the 80 gig to the big new playlist. Perhaps I'll change Nano to be just my absolute most favorite songs in the whole world, and use the 80 gig for everything I love and everything I like.

Another gift I got was a food processor. It looks pretty capable but I haven't been able to get it to work at all. A food processor should not be rocket science and it seems pretty simplistic, so I've almost decided to pack it up and return it for another one. Maybe the thing has a short, or maybe I'm just too impatient to read the owner's manual thoroughly enough. It's supposed to save me time, not make me read a 600 page owner's guide.

Erin wants to learn guitar, electric guitar specifically. I taught her to play C and Am (two easy chords) over the weekend. She is learning on Sarah's old silver guitar. Erin has been loving it lately, and playing it "dead", I still haven't found a cable and maybe that's because the cable went with the other amp when it was loaned out (or given away...whichever). I suppose I'll have to make a trip to the music store and buy a cable and some resin for those crappy bows. Erin thinks the silver guitar is cool, as did Sarah when she first got it. She is talking about wanting to take lessons so if she still wants lessons in another month or two, I'll get her lined up with somebody. She would be happier not learning anything from me, I'm sure!

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