Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Bouncing off Walls

I am bouncing off walls tonight.  I knocked off work early because...just because.  It was a very frustrating day today.  In fact, Sarah's picture reminds me of me today!  Well, it would  be me if I wore dresses to work and had long hair. 

Some day, I will retire from "that place" and get a job I want to do.  OR, maybe, I will find a job in "that place" I want to do.  For now, the good news is that my boss has given me the project I wanted, BUT (and there's alway a catch) I have to take on some other crappy work at the same time.  So, I get a project that's going to require a lot of analysis and travel, but then he saddles me with more busy work.  The busy work is already killing me.  I hate bureaucracy!   

Should I write about my dissertation?  I think the bureaucracy will not permit me to do the study.  My own company would rather not allow something like this because they've never done it before and there's no published procedure for it.  God forbid they give OK without meetings, procedure writing, and approvals.  Of course, that's not the excuse I will hear.  Some change agent I am!  Plan B and C are already swirling in my head.  On the bright side, my mentor said my prelim outline is good enough, my topic is worthy, and I get to read studies that interest me.  I think my selected topic is a good enough choice for  me.  Someday, if I survive all this, I will get a teaching job and research whatever I want!   

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