Friday, September 3, 2010

zzzzzzz and Sand

I'm searching for committee members tonight. What a chore! I'm not having much success with the search criteria selectors. I select quantitative and case study, management and technology for experience, and it returns too many. The metadata is ill-defined. I've come to find there are many, MANY more teaching faculty than business or technology faculty. I told myself I will not go to bed until I've officially selected four candidates.

I recently heard someone talk about drawing a line in the sand. He spoke as if the line is a barrier that separates before and after - like a impenetrable fortress that can never be breached. But sand is not very firm and is not permanent. A good hard rain and the line is gone. What is that phrase really supposed to mean?

Back to work now. Get the task done so I can go to's been a very long day (and week).

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