Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Get the matches!

NO MORE working tonight.  I was messing around on FaceBook and thought THIS is the place to be!  I did quite a bit of reading tonight.  It seems to be how the flow of this whole dissertation thing is going to work for me.  Ride the tide.  Read....Think....Write...Repeat.  I'm in the "THINK" stage.  What I read today had less to do with my study, and more to do with JUSTIFICATION for the study and tactical STRATEGY...perhaps better known as Plan of Attack.  My Plan of Attack says that if I want this, I'm going to have to really fight for it.  That makes me want to evoke FIRE!!!  (and let's insert some :D

  Fire is energy - I need to muster it all, circle the wagons, get it together, or...what other sayings mean that?

I read a speach Jordan Barab (OSHA) gave at a conference in San Antonio on 5/19.  He makes excellent points.  "I'm not telling you anything you don't already know: Numbers don't tell the whole story.  Focusing on low DART rates alone won't protect you from disaster. New metrics are needed."

What if we could have a European organizational culture in the US?  I would go to work for them :)

I must start thinking seriously about getting my literature review out of outline form and into some prose.  We should keep the tone solemn and scholarly.  Do you know what I like most about this field of occupational safety??  When I read their writing, I rarely have to look up words and rarely do I need to re-read phrases...but I'm always having to look up acronyms.  These people LOVE their acronyms.  Education people and philosophy people like to write in complex phrases and really unusual words.   

Other stuff on my mind....still trying to settle my grandfather's estate.  The end is finally near.  I've still some stock to deal with and some undocumented cemetary plots.  Last year's taxes may show he paid tax on them.  I will have to contact some unknown cemetary propieter or perhaps inquire at the court house.

Yesterday everything was grim, but today I am hopeful again.  Where's my grade for this course??.  No grade-related feedback whatsoever during the entire 8 weeks!!  I hope for an A but of course I fear for the worst.  I am going to Atlanta so my grade must have been passing, at least.

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