Saturday, October 16, 2010

Summer Triangle

One of my favorite constellations is the Summer Triangle.  I had an intro astronomy class and one night a week (cloud cover permitting), we got to walk out on the roof of Lappin Hall and look at the sky.  I thoroughly enjoyed that class.  The professor...Dr. WhatsHisName...was SO handsome.  Like Adonis, he was!  He could have taught me anything!  I really can't remember his name though...hmmmm.

The summer triangle is up tonight...which is what made me think to write about it.  The points of the triangle are Vega, Deneb, and Altaire.  They're easy to spot because Vega in particular is so bright (even in this valley).  Vega is in Lyra, the lyre.  Deneb is in Cygnus, the swan, and also known as the Northern Cross. Altaire is in Aquila, the eagle. The photo shows Saggitta.  I didn't know that was in must be Sagitarius's arrow.  That reminds me that Erin reminded me recently that she, Emily, and I are all Sagitarii. 

My dissertation work is coming along.  Been trying to get some thoughts together about how to measure safety performance and risk.  There are all sorts of metrics but I think the ones that should be used will depend on the study site.  Right now, the study site is unknown.  Today, I've been reading a lot about Heinrich's 1-29-300 pyriamid.  Oh...I will quit thinking about this's my break time. Tomorrow is going to be BUSY!!! 

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