Friday, October 22, 2010

The sky is falling OR was it a good omen?

I got up and ran this morning quite early, before light.  The sky was as clear as it gets in the valley of the beautiful Ohio River, and the moon was full.  Playing shadow games is a great way to pass time in the moonlight.  I noticed the big dipper was oriented a bit differently than when I usually see it (I often step outside to wake up when working late nights), and just as I took a second glance at it, a shooting star came streaking out of the bowl of it.  WOW!  I have never seen one last so long or be so brilliant.  My first thought was that the sky is falling....but then thought, no - it's better to believe something good is happening or is about to happen.  If we're going to be superstitious, it might as well be postitive.

Time is late and I must's what they pay me to do here.  Blogging about my life is not one of those things that adds value to the bottom line.

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