Thursday, November 25, 2010

Braces Off

Emily got her braces off last week!  I don't have a great picture of her new smile because my phone camera sucks, but here's what I have.  This is the last of our four children to get braces off.  She is happy to be done with the metal in her mouth, and I am happy to be done with the monthly payments :) 

I got a new ray of hope in getting approval to do my dissertation study.  Only by coincidence, I learned my company belongs to a consortium that funds research.  Not only do we fund it, we turned over our most sensative data to the consortium to study, and we pay expenses for employees to participate in studies.  WTF!  I offered to sign a nondisclosure, keep the company completely anonymous, do the study entirely out of my own pocket, and give them a copy of the results when I'm done.  Long story, but I talked to a man who reports directly to the man responsible for getting us involved in the consortium and sent him my prospectus.  He is going to talk to the main man next week.  Keeping my fingers crossed, and praying for cooperation.  I will extend my deadline to the end of next week.  If I hear nothing positive by the end of next week, I will pursue something else (i.e. throw away a year of work).  If I can get this man interested in my study, he can get the approval I need.

Having a hard time getting into the reading for the current class.  Also, having a hard time writing the literature review for my dissertation.  Maybe I'm just a bit burnt out on all this work.  Working all day, come home, and sit down and work until bedtime.  Day after day.  Until 2012???   I must keep thinking about the reward at the end or I will never finish!     


Ed Hochhalter said...

Camera quality is a bit iffy, but her happy smile is quite clear. Wearing those braces take time, and it can get a bit uncomfortable. Nonetheless, the end result of a good smile and fixed teeth is very satisfactory, don't you think?

KYLady said...

Indeed! She is much happier with the way she looks now, and thanks us for straightening her teeth whenever she sees pictures of herself before braces.

Cody Zieba said...

‘After braces, always retainers.’ That’s how our ortho used to say it. It is important to hold the teeth in their new positions. Typically, they are worn the same length of time the braces were worn. How long did she have to wear the retainers, and how are Emily’s teeth today? I hope she didn’t neglect her teeth after the braces were taken off.

KYLady said...

Thanks for your comments, Cody. Emily is still wearing retainers at night. She got a bit inconsistent about wearing them last spring and her teeth started to shift. Consequently she wore them 24X7 for a month until everything moved back. Her teeth still look great, and now she sees value in wearing her retainers like she’s supposed to.