Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Grim Situation

I learned today that the project charter my colleague and I drafted a few weeks ago has been shot down.  Not only was the idea squelched, my colleague was removed from supporting the user group.  This makes me very sad.  He has great expertise in this area and has built up good relations with the people.  Not only that, he had a true passion for this area of the business.  I believed the scope of the charter was too broad and cautioned him to rein it in.  He did, but then last week (while I was out) he changed the charter to be a comprehensive overhaul of three organizational groups.  Kiss of death....and I'm rather embarrassed my name was on the charter.  These groups are so politically far apart they would never be able to agree to a common solution.

Now I am left solo AGAIN to support this huge and important part of the business.  The manager over this area is a "don't rock the boat" guy who says what he thinks you want to hear, and doesn't back up his words with actions.  It feels like guaranteed failure....but it's my responsibility to help these people step into the 21st century.

Upset with pushback for my dissertation study and add to that defeat of this project by the wrong people, I wrote a blog post that will articulate this managerial issue.  I do potentially have the CIO's ear (eyes?) with the diversity team blog.  I wrote it and edited it a million times today.  Tomorrow morning I will post it and if my two colleagues will approve it, it will be public.  This will set the stage for future discourse...I hope.  If nothing else, I will go down fighting.    

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