Friday, November 12, 2010

Happy Friday

It has been hell being back to work this week after 7 days off for the Atlanta residency.  Over 1050 emails in my inbox, took on two new projects,  deadlines this week, staff changes that affect me and my projects, and other junk.  I walked in this morning, not quite feeling Friday because it's been so hectic...BUT...I had a nice surprise.  Take a look at this!  My plant sent me a message via the sun shining through the window.  The message is that it loves me!!!

So my sweet vine sent me this message and the day was a bit better.  I do believe plants communicate (although really...not by their shadows).  Perhaps it's some sort of chemical communication. 

Busy weekend ahead.  I must make MAJOR PROGRESS on my literature review.  Sunday, we are going to visit Sarah and take a good look at a house she wants to buy.  I still think she would be better off renting because selling property is no easy task and I predict she will want to move withing two years.  We will see.

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