Thursday, June 2, 2011

more morbidity

What am I doing here? Am I the only person who asks myself this question day in and day out?

My between-classes break started Tuesday and because of major MAJOR burnout lately, I’ve been taking a break from all school-related work (until tomorrow)…this is the second day of break. So, I went to bed early last night and watched some TV. I found a documentary on the right-to-die law in Oregon. That is the way to go! We need that law in Kentucky. I bet there are too many religious zealots in Kentucky to get a law like that passed. It should be a federal law so we can avoid the religious control freaks. The people who benefit from the law already know they’re going to die; it just gives them more freedom about when and where it happens. What’s wrong with that?? I watched my grandfather suffer the last year of his life. If he were a dog or cat, we would have had him put down humanely and peacefully. Why must we make humans suffer? If I have to move to Oregon, I’ll do it.

I don’t see a slow death from disease for me. I expect some sort of impact, explosion, or perhaps fire. It’s not how my preference would be, but what my imaginary crystal ball tells me…my destiny. I accept my destiny because what else can one do? Is there escape from destiny? In the news recently, a little girl, two-and-a-half years old, pulled a gun from a center console of her parents’ car while her mother was buckling her baby brother into his car seat. She accidentally shot herself in the face and died two hours later. I suppose the only grace in that death was that she immediately lost consciousness and never woke up. The mother said she heard the pop, looked up, and saw the little girl slumped in the front seat with the gun in her lap. What a horrible accident. What a horrible world where people keep loaded guns in their cars, and where the difference between life and death depends on a second of inattention. Who created a destiny like this for a little girl?

Maybe we will look for a puppy this weekend. I love dogs, but all that mess-making and chewing-up-everything is a pain. If we’re going to do it, now is the time with the girls home from school to help with house training and making the dog social. We got Chewy around Christmas and she spent much of her early puppy days alone, and at the mercy of mean neighbor kids who teased her terribly. Jack will “like” having a new playmate, I’m sure.


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