Thursday, June 9, 2011


It’s a dreary summer cold for me this week. I blew off school work last week and even went swimming in beautiful Grayson Lake with Erin and Someone. What could be better than swimming with the fishes on a beautiful hot summer day? But I’m paying the price…still. I got sick that night and I’m still messed up.

I dragged myself into work Monday and survived the day. Tuesday night, I doped myself up good with all sorts of cold medicine and went to bed early. I never went to sleep though. My heart started pounding out of my chest. Major cold medicine buzz going. I layed there for over an hour and decided it was a huge waste of time to lay there waiting to sleep because obviously sleep was not in the cards for me. I sat up, flipped on the light and grabbed a text book. I sat there and read chapter after chapter of case studies on global ERP implementation successes and failures. Normally, less than one chapter would have put me into a deep coma. At 4:30 AM, I went downstairs, fired up my laptop, and sent my stand-in boss (copied my boss) a note telling him I was sick and would be missing work. I no more than hit the send key and he replied (and he copied my boss). Can you believe it? Young Mr. Stand-in Boss is really taking his job too seriously. My boss is on vacation. At 6:30 AM, my boss replied (copied my stand-in boss) reminding me to update this/that/the other in case of emergency since I’m off work sick. I hate bureaucracy. I am SO ready to retire from that place. When I am out of the office for any reason, I have 11 things I have to update to state my whereabouts. So, I update websites for 20 minutes with contact information when I’m going to run out of the building for even 10 minutes. STUPID!!!

So while I’m sick, I don’t sleep in the same bedroom with Someone because he’s all paranoid about getting sick. It’s fine – he doesn’t wake me up with his snoring, he doesn’t steal my pillow, I don’t wake him up with my nightmares, and he’s not whining about me coughing or sneezing or breathing on him. We both sleep better. If he wanted to make it permanent, that would be OK. I’ve been sleeping in the little bedroom that used to be Emily’s, it’s painted a horrendous pepto-bismal pink color she picked out. The color is too dark for such a tiny room. It has fairy decals that I do like… it looks like a little girl’s room. I’m happy I had little girls.

Project-puppy is on hold. Erin is gone to Wisconsin for the International Future Problem Solving competition and she says we cannot get a puppy while she is gone. She will be back next week when hopefully my cold will be history. I’ve been leaving the door open to the little bedroom since I started sleeping in there…Molly makes herself at home in there.

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