Wednesday, December 7, 2011


Yesterday was a glorious day.  I met with the director of the local technical college and he offered to distribute a link to my survey to his alumni and current students who have jobs in industry now.  HALLELUJAH!!  Not only that, he gave me contact info for a couple of his counterpart pals at other technical colleges, AND he told me about a professional organization that promotes excellence in technical training.  Perhaps I can join and get them to distribute a link to my survey. 

So, I should be on at least cloud 7 if not 9, but I’m not.  The dermatologist’s office called with bad news.  It’s cancer on my face so more needles and knives are in my future.  Lots more…in two weeks.  I don’t even want to think about it.  Merry F’ing Christmas to me.   

Also, I bought new furniture and it was delivered today…only the item I cared most about – my new very own desk – was broken when they pulled it off the truck.  They had to take it back and then they pissed me off.  It’s up to me to call and reorder and no doubt it’ll be on backorder again.  I’m seriously thinking about getting something different from some other place.  I bought a chest of drawers (the other item).  They pulled it off the truck, unboxed it, and then assembled in my driveway in the rain.  I wasn’t too happy to have my new chest of drawers getting washed off in that way.  They brought it in, carried it upstairs, and off they went.  I wiped it down with a towel.  I know they had no control of the weather, but it seems they should plan for it somehow.  They could have assembled it in the truck – there was room.  They also could have assembled it in our foyer.  I’m pretty sure they have lost my business forever….and I need to buy a bed for Emily.  Too bad for them. 

So more delays in getting our house put back together.  I don’t want to move my workspace twice.  I’ll just keep working on the wiggly card table and we’ll set up the Christmas tree in the newly finished office /computer room.  It bums me out.

Anyway, I’m trying to work tonight and my brain is like a pinball machine - bouncing around all over the place.  My chairman apologized for blowing me off the past two weeks and suggested I submit outstanding questions via email.  I did!  Two whole pages of them  - mostly about how to validate survey questions I have to invent myself. There are 3 or maybe 4 questions that I can’t adapt a validated instrument for.          

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