Sunday, April 8, 2012

I'll fly away

Sunday night.  Laundry is underway, and I just finished assembling a stand for our still-in-the-box  gigantic TV.  Someone insisted we must have one; our lives were incomplete without this monstrous thing that will easily assume 25% of the floor space in our family room.  He bought the TV and then realized “Oh, I think it’s too big to sit on the stand we have for our current TV.”  Um, doubt.

Saturday, Someone and I took Erin to the Columbus Zoo.  We got a late start; we just took off without much planning.  It’s about 130 miles to the zoo, and about halfway there Someone starts bitching about how he should have stayed home.  I wanted to agree but knew that doing so would only fuel an argument.  I had reservations about going in the first place because Emily insisted she didn’t want to do anything....I didn’t want to leave her behind all day.  We parked, bought tickets, and entered the gate with a little less than 3 hours until closing.  Someone was cranky about that too.  Erin looked at me like, “Oh God, let’s just go home.”  After 30 minutes or so, Someone decided the zoo was an OK place to be.  It was crowded but really a gorgeous day.  The flowering trees and spring flowers smelled heavenly.  My favorite animals this time were the flying foxes (big bats).    
Flying foxes

So, the three-day Easter holiday is over.  In six-hours, I have to get up for work.  Bummer – not even going to think about it. 

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