Saturday, April 21, 2012

a taste of near future??

Two of my lovely and brilliant daughters are on their way home (a long way, 7 hour drive) having traveled across state to compete in the Kentucky State High School Science Olympiad.  Both of my daughters competed in two events.  The team now advances to Orlando for the national competition.  ORLANDO!!  In May!!!  Can you imagine?  I know what I’m thinking – vacation opportunity.  Universal Studios.  The Everglades?  Maybe have the girls take in a college tour or two on the way home. 

Someone and I got a chance to experience a teen-free weekend since all teens cleared out Friday morning and don’t get back until something like 4 AM Sunday.  We played golf Friday – great fun for me.  I expected to play miserably having not played in so long.  That was not the case.  I had a few pars and a birdie, no thanks to my short game.  Some of my drives were FUN!!  It’s fun to hit the ball really sweet and hear that plink.  The way the club vibrates in your hands when you strike the right part of the ball with the right part of the club.  It’s magic!  Mostly everything else was bogies but I intentionally wasn’t keeping score.  Keeping score changes the game for me. 
Fairy Tale Dying Tree - #3 white tee Sandy Creek
I need to get back on my proposal.  Changes are needed to the proposal application and Chapter 3.  Someone dragged me to Sam’s Club this morning – he wanted to join and shop.  We walked in and fortunately there was no wait (no line) to join.  Then Someone gleefully grabbed a cart and we shopped.  Not true.  He shopped, I accompanied.  My brain was not where his was. 
There’s something sinful about shopping in a store like that.  It feels like too much excess.  Giant boxes and cans of too much stuff.  If you are supplying a business, or if you have a family of 10, OK – it makes sense.  For us?  Jeez.  What do we do with all that?  Someone is a hoarder at heart.  One of the benefits of being married to Someone is that we have never run out of anything essential in all these years.  It’s kind of scary to be so consumed by consumption.

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