Friday, November 9, 2012

device possession

It’s been a very busy week for me. Lots (too much) going on at work, lots going on at home, and lots going on with my survey which is a very, VERY good thing. With any luck at all, I’ll be finished collecting data by Thanksgiving – you know I’ll be giving thanks for every person who was kind enough to take my survey. I’ll be even more thankful for every person who was wonderful enough to recruit others to take the survey for me. And now, more than ever, I understand what it was meant when professors told me that nobody can finish a dissertation without relying on a network of people. Learning to network was (and still is) a tremendous challenge for me – I don’t like depending on other people for anything. I’m not a people person, but since no alternatives were available, I’m much more of a people person than I was three years ago.

The other challenge for me is just forcing myself to pick up the phone or go talk to somebody. I should have been born without a mouth. There would be all kinds of advantages to that. Weight control would not be an issue. Nobody would expect me to talk EVER. I’d never have to visit a dentist. There would be one less place to get cancer. Of course, the down side is looking like a freak – that’s a pretty big disadvantage. I’m not a beautiful person but it could all be much worse. So yes, God, if you’re reading this, thanks for making me a person who falls in the middle of the what-looks-normal continuum.

I’ve started watching a TV show recently, Long Island Medium. This is a reality show where the star (Theresa) claims to be able to communicate with people who have “crossed over”. Of course, it’s a TV show that gets edited and produced for TV, so you have to wonder how real she is and what happens when she is doing a reading that we don’t see on the show. I’d like to believe she is and can do what the TV show portrays, but there’s really nobody who is dead that I want to communicate with. For that matter, there aren’t a lot of live people I want to communicate with :)

Anyway, since I’ve been watching that show, I’m starting to wonder about an old Samsung cell phone in our kitchen drawer that is turned off (powered off), and yet every morning at 7:15 AM, it wakes up and a very loud alarm goes off. The phone hasn’t been charged for at least a year, probably more. The battery should be dead by now, but it’s not…perhaps because it’s turned off? I turned the phone on a few months ago and confirmed no alarms are set on it. I could just take the battery out, but I’ve decided there’s a spirit who wants to communicate with us and is using the cell phone. Perhaps it only wants us to not sleep so long on the weekends.

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