Saturday, November 17, 2012

hurry up and wait

This old woman is getting mighty impatient!  I have to get 67 people to complete my survey.   Right now I have 57!!  Eleven more people have consented but have not yet logged into the survey site.  Five more have asked to participate but haven’t returned a consent form.  The anticipation of it all.   Who wants me to just get it done already and shut up about it (besides me????)?????   

My plans for today were grandiose.  I wanted to scrub all the bathrooms and uncarpeted floors, clear all junk out of the living room and give it all a thorough cleaning, and load donation boxes into my van.  BUT....and isn’t there always a but?...Someone insisted that today will be the last decent golf day of the year.  OK, so I did my wifely duty and played golf with the old man.  He takes great delight in harassing me on the golf course. 

Someone and I went over some playing-with-me basic rules while changing shoes and getting ourselves situated to play.  He is not ever supposed to say, “Hit you another one”,” lay you one out”, or anything else that sounds like he’s trying to tell me what to do.  JEEZ, don’t tell me what to do – ever!!  Obviously Someone has never read Harvey Penick’s Little Red Book.  It’s a two-stroke penalty to give unsolicited advice on the golf course.  He forces me to levy the penalty on him all the time (not really, I don’t keep his score or mine.  I just tell him he needs to add 2 and shut his mouth). 
Don't tell me what to do!
Anyway, I DID keep score on the #17 hole at Sandy Creek today.  I’ve played the red tees (ladies tees) all summer because I don’t play often these days - I’m out of practice.  I killed my drive – hit it sweet and it had enough top spin to roll about 90 yards from the pin (the cup was about 20 yards back from the front of the green).  The #17 green is slightly elevated and today it had a lot of dry leaves on it.  My second shot hit the green , rolled towards the pin, and disappeared.  It looked like it went in but I refused to get my hopes up.  I told myself it was only hidden by leaves or it rolled off the back and probably was sitting in the second cut of fringe.  F**K!!  But no, I walked up and there was my white Top Flight Plus 4 in the hole.  EAGLE!!!  Fun times.    

I declared my accomplishment to my non-golfing daughters on the way home.  This was the conversation:


Linda and her Twaddle said...

The housework will always wait. A beautiful day out on the golf course should be taken advantage of. So you did to the right things.

Your golf language is foreign to me too (but very lyrical). I think I am like your daughter in the understanding of it. Leave them eagles to fly free!

Bummer about the survey. I would offer to do it but that might not be ideal. Ha ha.

KYLady said...

Linda – I’ve love nothing more than to have you take my survey but people have to work in the United States to qualify. I put notices about my survey on a couple of websites and I’ve had much more interest from people in other countries than from the United States. Things are coming along, just not quickly enough.

A golf course is a great place to be on a beautiful day (unless it’s crowded). Yes, the housework will always be there, but that’s the problem - it never ends. My girls are a big help but with so many people and animals coming in and out, it’s hard to keep up with it all.