Thursday, November 15, 2012

hawk love

Hawks are one of my most favorite birds. They are fairly common around here – I’m privileged to see or at least hear one a few times a week. Usually, they are perched on a power line or fence post watching over a big field or a smaller lot with unmowed grass and weeds. No doubt the magnificent bird of prey is looking for something to move so it can swoop down and grab its dinner in those sharp talons.
Sandy Spears takes lovely pictures of hawks

I’ve oftentimes watched them fly and glide overhead. They shriek when they are up in the air. I don’t know if they do that because it makes little rodents on the ground scurry for cover or maybe they are calling to another hawk. These birds are lovely with many shades of brown and tan in their feathers. They are delightful to me but perhaps not so much if one killed my kitten or puppy – I’ve heard that happens.

One time, while sitting at a traffic light on a very hectic day, I looked up and saw a hawk gliding overhead. I thought to myself, what a lucky creature to have the wide open sky to fly around in, to never have to sit at a desk all day long, and to never have to worry about stupid stuff. I lost myself in this fantasy (trading places with the hawk) until the car behind me honked to bring me back to reality – the light had changed to green. It was then I spied the decal on the back window of the pickup truck right in front of me. The owner of the truck was obviously a hunter. He had bird dog decals and one that said, “If it flies, it dies.” That abruptly ended my fantasy about being a hawk.

photo by Sandy Spears

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