Tuesday, June 11, 2013


The name of my blog comes from a memorable quote by Pennywise, a character invented by Stephen King. King is king in my book - my favorite author. It’s not that I’ve read all his books (not even close), but I’ve read more of his than any other author’s books. I’m a slow reader, and his novels tend to be long. Even his short stories are long for someone who reads as slow as me. One of the things I like about his writing style is that reading one of his books is like watching a multi-dimensional movie. Not only do you have a story plot, but you get lots of background, rich details, and you get to know the characters inside and out. It’s probably why the movies made from his books are usually disappointing in comparison. Shawshank Redemption was a pretty good movie…and so was The Green Mile, but the stories were way better.


I’m not much of a “people” person, but it’s good to stand on the sidelines and learn about a person, his history, what motivates him to do what he does, and how he perceives his world. Do “we all float down here”? I don’t think so. Some people just give up and sink, some struggle against the current, and some are drowned by others.

I’ve been floating since my dissertation was accepted because I’m not altogether sure what I want to do. Just let the current do its thing while this old lady considers options. Seems like a person in my position should grab the bull by the horns, shove a giant gold ring through its nose, look it square in the eyes, and tell that son of a bitch what’s what. I don’t know what’s what, even if I could catch the bull.

How does anybody really figure out what he wants in this life? Is it more that he identifies what he doesn’t want, and moves away from that? Maybe I don’t like being alone, so I find a husband or wife. Maybe I hate worrying about money, so I find a tolerable job. Maybe I live where I live because it’s familiar and easier than finding someplace else to go. Does anyone find paradise by passively floating where the current takes him, or is getting the perfect life a reward for strategically planning life and taking the correct defensive and offensive actions?

My girls are worrying about where they want to go to college and what they want to study. I sure as heck can’t tell them what to do. They have more options than I had at that age. Emily is worried she will wind up in a field she hates. Don’t worry, I tell her, it happens to lots of people. It’s a good thing we can float and bend in this life. At least we can have hope that someday we will wash up on the shore of paradise.

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